SSG/BSN Lil Shooter Goal

Published in Detail Review on 7th December 2018

Ssg Soccer GoalsProduct Description:

SSG – Sports Supply Group is located in Texas and is spread across 40 offices nationwide and has 250 local sales representatives and 75 territory managers who handle the sales of the company. Sports Supply Group manufacturing hardcore sporting equipments and gears, and also they have acquired some leading sports dealers like Dixie Sporting, Kesslers Team Sports, Collegiate Pacific, Orlando Team sports and many more. SSG offers personal sporting solutions and one stop-shop for all sport uniforms and equipments. SSG offers online purchase and shipping delivery and payment option after delivery.

Product Details:

  • Ssg/Bsn Lil Shooter GoalSSG soccer goals are available in the dimensions of 36 x 16 x 12 inches and weighs 12 pounds
  • The soccer goal can be easily assembled and also dismantled
  • It is held with the help of push pins which holds the goal together
  • The SSG Soccer goal BSN Lil’ Shooter Goal 4’H x 6’W (EA)
  • The SSG Soccer goal is available in two sizes, 4 x 6 feet and 5 x 10 feet
  • The goal costs in the range of $29.93 to $99.99
  • It comes with easy storage options
  • The SSG Soccer goal is made from high quality material, which consists of thick and heavy piping
  • The goals are light weight and easily operative
  • Powerful construction with real soccer nets
  • The SSC Soccer goals can be easily transported
  • If the SSG Soccer goal is purchased online it can be shipped within the United States and some selected countries outside the United States
  • If purchased online, the shipping weight of the product is 1 pound
  • The SSG Soccer goal model no. is LIL


  • Bsn Lil Shooter GoalSSG Soccer Goals offer local partnership, personal sporting solutions and multi brand selection from a huge variety.
  • The SSG Soccer goals can be used for recreational tournaments, practice matches, school level kids’ tournaments, can be used by children in backyards and in local sports clubs.
  • The online catalogue can reviewed on the website which features around 50,000 products spread across 400 pages to choose from
  • The SSG Soccer goal is the best choice for sports fans, administrators and enthusiasts
  • The SSG Soccer goal is an ideal soccer solution for kids, it is worth the money paid
  • Easy and attractive packaging while delivering the product


  • The net provided by SSG Soccer goals does not fit properly
  • Further, when the ball hits the net, the net tends to loosen up
  • The Velcro straps on the net come off easily


SSG Soccer Goals offer sporting gears for team sports like Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Coaching, Volleyball, Track and Field, Lacrosse. Etc. With individual sports equipment, there is a wide range available in Golf, Boxing, Archery, Aquatics, Handball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Wrestling, Paddle ball or Racquetball. Under fitness accessories there are mats, cardio and aerobic fitness gears, weight room flooring and core fitness available. SSG also offers apparel for cheerleading, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse and sunglasses, T-shirts and sliders for other sports. The SSG also offer awards and trophies, electronics and speakers, benches and bleachers, storage and ball carts, scoreboards, locks, trophy cases and lockers for all sports. SSG offers a replacement guarantee within 30 days of purchase of the product if the product received is not satisfactory. A return authorization is required for all products which require a refund. The items to be replaced should be packaged like the original, all tags should be in place, and all accessories in good condition. All items to be refunded should be well stored, not misused, and should be in original shape. So, consider all pros and cons and then decide if it is a right option for you.Buy-Now-Button

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