SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal (Kickster)

Published in Detail Review on 7th December 2018

Sklz Quickster Soccer Net - Quick Set Up Soccer GoalProduct Description:

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal is the fastest way to start your game. As you can set up and break down SKLZ Soccer Goal in minutes. This SKLZ Soccer goal is sturdy and easy to assemble. It has a different design than other goals. It is made from strong material. Easy set up is one of the key points of this SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal.

Product Details:

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal has an ultra durable design. SKLZ Soccer Goal is equipped with Tension Tite poles, which creates sturdy frame, Velcro net attachment, and strong 2 ply netting. Carry bag and heavy steel ground stake are included with this Soccer goal. Ground stakes keep in place the two ply net, and storage bag is provided for an easy transport. Net of SKLZ Soccer Goal is well made. The bottom frame, which is made of metal is solid. Putting together all parts of SKLZ Soccer Goal is an easy task.
Sklz Soccer Goal

Features of SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal:

  • SKLZ Soccer Goal comes with Ultra durable design.
  • Heavy gauge tarpaulin facing.
  • Tension Tite poles and 2 ply netting.
  • Velcro net attachment.
  • It is easy to pack and carry.
  • SKLZ Soccer Goal is lightweight.

Rigid poles and heavy gauge provide more sturdiness. The main advantage of this SKLZ Soccer Goal is you can set it up in very short time and you can also take it down in minutes by following simple, easy and clear instructions. The white nylon frame makes the SKLZ Soccer goal look good. All pieces fit well in the storage bag. It is suitable for both young players as well as adults. It works well for indoor practicing. It bounces the ball back to you and you will enjoy the fun. It is heavier than other similar sized goals. You can easily bring it to the field or park, with the help of a carrying case. It works great for youth when practicing. It is so easy to set up and to take down, that even girls can do this without any hassle.


  • Sklz Quickster Soccer NetSKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal is portable and flexible.
  • It is a well made soccer goal with great design.
  • SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal is easy to set up and pack.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • SKLZ Soccer Goal is a reliable product with great stability.
  • You can take this SKLZ Soccer Goal to anywhere because of the small carrying bag.


  • The stakes provided are suitable for beach sand and muddy soil, But these stakes may come out in sandier soils.
  • During windy days, it does not work well.


SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – Quick Set Up Soccer Goal is the best portable soccer goal. This excellent product is very convenient. Whether you are an expert player in soccer or just want to play an occasional game, you will definitely like SKLZ Soccer Goal. It is not designed for a tournament, but you can enjoy your leisure time playing and practicing with it. This nicely designed SKLZ Soccer Goal is good for a variety of players. You can easily set it up in a short time. It will surely fulfill all your expectations and you will like this amazing soccer goal. It is highly recommended for a soccer loving player or a family. Would still urge you to go through all the available options and then select the product that fits all your requirements.Buy-Now-Button

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