GOLME PRO Pop Up (Two Goals & Bag)

Published in Detail Review on 7th December 2018

Golme Pro Pop UpProduct Description:

GOLME provides a pair of portable goals, which is mainly used for training as well as small sided games. You can instantly start your game or training session, if you have this great GOLME PRO Pop ups. It is an excellent set of goals. The nets are perfect and tight. If you are looking for a soccer goal for your kid, the GOLME PRO Pop Up is the perfect choice.

Product Details:

GOLME PRO Pop Up comes with three plastic stakes, two at the corners and one at the back. These attached stakes help the goal to stay in one place, during play. Reflective perimeter provides visibility during the day and night. GOLME Soccer goals come with a nice carry bag, for storage and easy transport. Bright orange color of this GOLME Soccer Goal is good for visibility. It has a good size. This well designed soccer goal also has a low price tag.

Pop Up Soccer Goals

Features of GOLME Soccer Goal:

  • Portable goals pair
  • 6 inches long yellow plastic stakes
  • Reflective silver perimeter
  • Great carry bag for easy storage

Storage of this GOLME Soccer goal is very easy. Just twist each goal stick flat, after you have finished the game, then store it in a portable carry bag. Folding instructions are simple and easy to follow. Even young kids can also set it up and take down on their own. GOLME Soccer Goal requires very less space to store. It is very easy to transport GOLME Soccer Goal, because of the portable storage bag. You can take it anywhere you want such as a park, beach or a yard. Even after a hard kick, GOLME pop-ups stay in one place. Take care while pushing stakes in the ground, as a hard push may break the stakes. GOLME Soccer Goal is perfect for kids who want to play and practice. GOLME PRO Pop Up lasts for a long duration. It is a great soccer goal to play with. It is a good product, which is suitable for all age players- from kids to adults. It is a great soccer goal for grown up children to play or practice in the backyard. It is a perfect soccer goal to train young players and to play small sided games. If the weather is not good, then you can set it up in the basement and enjoy the play.


  • Pro Pop Up - GolmeGOLME Soccer Goal is very sturdy and strong.
  • It is made from quality material.
  • GOLME PRO Pop Up is compact and well constructed soccer goal.
  • These nice Pop-ups are high quality goals.
  • It is a great product with durability.
  • GOLME Soccer Goal looks great on the field.
  • Storage bag is nice and portable.
  • It provides a great service.
  • GOLME Soccer Goal does not require much space.
  • GOLME PRO Pop Up is lighter than other same sized goal, which makes transportation of goals very convenient.
  • It is easy to set up and fold down, which requires very less time.
  • After folding, it fits into the carry bag, which makes transportation easy.


  • Yellow plastic stakes may break due to high pressure.


GOLME Soccer Goal is the best goal available in the market for the kids. Kids definitely love this Soccer Goal. This PRO Pop-up goal, encourages the kids to become active. It is a great goal, you can easily move it to the park or any other place. It seems perfect as compared to other branded soccer goals available in the market. This fantastic product is highly recommended. Still, you can think about all available options and then choose one that suits your needs and pocket too.Buy-Now-Button

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