GOLME Portable Soccer Goal

Published in Detail Review on 7th December 2018

Golme Portable Soccer GoalProduct Description:

GOLME Portable Soccer Goal has a durable one piece design. It is sturdy but lightweight soccer goal. GOLME Portable Soccer Goal is awarded as “Goal of the year” in 2010 and “Best goal of the year” in 2012. As set up is easy and quick, it saves time. Most Coaches and players used this award winning goal. It is a nice portable soccer goal, you can take it anywhere. It takes less space after folding and fits nicely into a bag. If you are looking for inexpensive but good quality soccer goal to play in your backyard, then GOLME Portable Soccer Goal is the perfect choice for you.

Product Details:

GOLME Portable Soccer Goal is a full size professional training soccer goal. One piece design is the key feature of the GOLME Portable Soccer Goal. The main advantage is easy set up and there is no chance of losing the parts. That’s why it is a professional training goal. It has steady posts. The great thing about this GOLME Portable Soccer Goal is netting and poles stay together. The thick band across the top of the soccer goal works well. Each component of the soccer goal is made of 6000 series aluminum and able to handle high pressure. It has 30 days money back guarantee.

Portable Soccer GoalsFeatures of GOLME Soccer Goal:

  • It has a lightweight Aluminum frame.
  • It is easy to set up and take down.
  • It is a one piece design.
  • It has 2 stakes.
  • Its weight is 30 pounds.
  • It has a 30 day trial guarantee.
  • It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Instructions for the set up of GOLME Portable Soccer Goal are simple and easy to follow. After folding, it is easy to carry. Two people are required to set this up, but it takes very less time. It stays up without any problem after setup. Even after a hard kick, it stays firm. Folding of soccer goal is much easier than setup and only one person can do it. After folding, it fits well in a nice and convenient carry bag, which is provided with the soccer goal. For the parents who want their children to play outside, GOLME Soccer Goal is the perfect goal for their kids to play with. You can use it with ease. It is the best soccer goal as compared to other goals in terms of not only price but quality, durability and portability. For training, it is a good tool. GOLME Portable Soccer Goal lasts for a long duration. GOLME Soccer Goal works well. The cross bar is not solid, but it is not a big issue. It is a very practical product. Overall, it is will be a great purchase for you.


  • Golme: Portable Soccer GoalsThe GOLME soccer goal is very easy to install.
  • It is a portable soccer goal.
  • GOLME Portable Soccer Goal is very well constructed.
  • Set up and storage of GOLME Soccer Goal is super easy.
  • It is a good quality permanent goal with durability.
  • GOLME Soccer Goal is a great product with great customer service.
  • It is a reliable and well designed soccer goal.
  • After folding, GOLME Portable Soccer Goal can fit into any vehicle, which makes the transportation very easy.
  • GOLME offers a 10 year limited warranty for this soccer goal.


This amazing soccer goal is worth the money. GOLME Soccer Goal is a big size goal, which is perfect for youngsters who play large sided games. It is highly recommended. It will be a great purchase and you will never regret it. But still you should think about all available options, compare their pros and cons and then decide if it is the right choice for you.Buy-Now-Button

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