FORZA Soccer Goal 12×6 – The Ultimate Home Soccer Goal! Leave Up in All Weathers & Takes 1000s of Shots!

Published in Detail Review on 7th January 2019

The Ultimate Home Soccer GoaProduct Description:

Net World Sports manufactures professional sports equipment with a difference. Net World creates and sells high end equipment to consumers who are looking for quality sports kits, for relaxation or for any professional sportsman. The Net World sports products are available in Canada and United States. Net World sports aim at providing quality products, it also improves on its existing products by continuous feedback from consumers. Products manufactured by Net World Sports meet every sport requirement.

Product Details:

  • Net World Sports Goals are available in various sizes like 6ft to 4ft, 8ft to 4ft, 8ft to 6ft and 12ft to 6ft
  • These soccer goals are durable and strongest goal accessible even after 1000s of shots
  • Forza Soccer Goal 12×6Net World Sports goals are portable and convenient to assemble and disband, which can be convenient for users
  • The Forza goals come with an improved and more modern design
  • These goals come with one year warranty heavy usage of the net
  • The one year warranty comes with a 100% satisfaction assurance, or the company pays the money back
  • These goals can be left open in any climate and they survive in any weather condition as they are weather resistant
  • The Net World Sports goals can be used for soccer practice in yards, schools, clubs or sports field
  • These goals can be used by children and adults
  • The Forza Net World Sports is the most reliable and dependable soccer goal with a solid built
  • All Net World Sports Forza goals come with a locking system
  • A bag is available to carry these Net World Sports goals, in large, medium and small sizes
  • Soccer nets are also available with Net World Sports Forza goals
  • Net World Sports has all the accessories available which is required for Forza Soccer goal, like Forza goal ground anchors, spare locking buttons, replacement back stanchions, replacement corners and connectors, replacement tubes, spare locking buttons and soccer net clips
  • The prize of the Net World Sports Forza goals starts from the range of $69.99 to $139.99
  • It is also available in mini sizes and regular sizes

Forza Soccer Goals


The Net World Sports Forza is best for kids to practice their soccer skills, even adults can use them. The goal is portable and hence can be taken anywhere in the soccer bag which can make a family picnic or a friends play date worthwhile. There is no need to go to a designated soccer ground for practice of soccer matches; one can do that in the back yard with the help of Net World Sports Forza goals. It can be a right option for arranging School Weekly soccer matches. Sports clubs, schools can buy Forza soccer goals as it comes with an economical price and is strong and durable. It can be used to practice free kicks before the start of the game.


The Net World Sports Forza goal requires an open space to arrange the goal post. It cannot be accommodated in-house.


Net World Sports is located in North Carolina and is spread across 25,000 feet of storage facility. The Net World products are associated with all sports like golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, athletics, badminton and volleyball which is the most widespread range found anywhere. Net World Sports gives a choice to the prospective customer. The Net World Sports website has the latest catalogues for the customers to view, which is all-inclusive of products with prices. A customer can browse the products and select the products to buy, post which products are delivered at customer’s doorstep in not more than two days. Think about all pros and cons and then decide if it is right choice for you.Buy-Now-Button

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