6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goals

Published in Detail Review on 7th December 2018

6 Ft. Pugg Soccer GoalsProduct Description:

This 6 foot soccer goal by PUGG is perfect for small practice sessions. You can instantly start the game, as  it is very easy to set up the PUGG Soccer goal. This works great for kids. This amazing product is packed with lots of features. It is lightweight, which makes its transport and storage very easy.

Product Details:

6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goal has a convenient Pop-up design, and hence, you can carry it anywhere. Three plastic stakes are provided by PUGG to hold the goal, which you need to push into the ground with hands. Do not use feet to push it, as it may break. PUGG Soccer Goal comes with a great carrying bag. You can fold the soccer goal flat by following simple and easy instructions, which are printed on goals, and store it in the carry bag. Strap on the bottom of the Soccer goal helps to adjust the width of the soccer goal. Compactness of this PUGG soccer goal makes it perfect for the house, which many a times does not have enough space to store such freestanding and large goals. The carrying case is convenient, so you can easily load it in the car. Extra pegs and straps are provided by PUGG, in case of loss or breakage.

Pugg Soccer GoalsFeatures of 6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goals:

  • It has a Pop-up design.
  • It is a convenient soccer goal with easy storage and transport.
  • It is an original Pop up goal.
  • This 6 foot soccer goal has 7 lbs weight.
  • It is easy to pack and carry.

All these features make this PUGG Soccer Goal a must have coaching tool. PUGG Soccer Goal is available as single or in a pair also. After folding, this 6 foot goal becomes 1 inch flat. It is very easy to store and carry. Even kids can set up and fold back this soccer goal very quickly. It becomes very compact after fold, so that you can take it anywhere without any problem. It is perfect for small sided soccer games. It works great for backyard practice and pickup games. It takes very less time to set up, as compared to other goals. Not only the kids, but adults can also use this PUGG Soccer Goal for practice. Net stays in place, even after hard kick. Though PUGG Soccer Goal has a small size, it increases your shooting accuracy.


  • Pugg Soccer Goals 6 Ft6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goal is a well made soccer goal.
  • PUGG Soccer Goal is easy to set up and easy to fold.
  • It is an extremely lightweight goal.
  • This soccer goal is durable.
  • Assembly is not required for this soccer goal.
  •  It has a high quality and sturdy construction and is well balanced.
  • PUGG Soccer Goal is a great product with a great price.
  • This excellent product provides excellent service.
  • It is a good quality product with portability.
  • PUGG Soccer Goal is made from light and strong material.
  • After folding, it becomes flat, so that storage becomes easy.
  • PUGG provides protective storage bags with handy strap making it easy to carry.
  • It is very flexible and perfect for each and every soccer player.


  • During windy days, it may not work as expected. Strong winds can cause some issues.


6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goal is a best portable soccer goal. It is worth the money. You can use this quality product for many years. Most of the soccer players like PUGG Soccer Goal. Beginners can use this to improve their skills by practicing with PUGG Soccer goal. It is highly recommended for young soccer players. Think smart, compare pros and cons of all the available options and then choose your option wisely.Buy-Now-Button

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