Soccer Goal

The Game

soccer goalpost homeSoccer is one of the most popular and the global game in the world. The game has been played and watched in every corner of the world and there are billions of fans across the world. The game has received quite an attention due to the fame it receives, the best infrastructures and the worldwide audience it has. Soccer is also known as football and today it is roughly played by more than 250 million people in more than 200 countries.

The Goal

The soccer goal is called when the player kicks the ball and a goal is scored when the ball crosses between the goal line. The rule is very simple and it is said to be a goal when the team is able to make it through the goal between the goal post and the crossbar. The team which is able to score the maximum number of goals wins the game. The soccer goal has certain measurements and requirements. A goal is 8 feet high and 24 feet wide and has two posts. The goal has a net and a cross bar in which the ball is kicked which is called as the goal. There are certain rules and that are laid clearly by the authorities, i.e. FIFA which is followed by the players. It is mandatory that the goal posts should be white in color and the lines on the field should also be white. The goal lines should be of the same width that of the goal post and the crossbar. The goal material should be approved as per the FIFA laws and regulations. The material used in the posts and the crossbars should be made of wood, metal or any approved material. Some of the shapes of the soccer goals used for training can be square, rectangle, round, semi circle or elliptical. The condition of the posts and the crossbars should not harm or pose a threat to the players.

Best Soccer Goals Comparisons and Reviews

Soccer Goal Post Comparison
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Net World Sports
12 x 6, 6 x 4, 8 x 4, 8 x 6
Can be used as Permanent or Portable Goal
10 x 5
all-weather net
press-button folding design, Precision-fit couplings with locking pins, 1.25-inch galvanized steel tubing, six galvanized steel ground stakes
6 x 3
Heavy duty 4\" X 4\" PE Net with Self Stick Attachments
1 1/4\"\" Welded Steel Frame, Folding Hinge Design with Locking Pins, Includes Ground Stakes
6 x 3.5
pop-up design,
2.5 x 1.7, 4 x 2.7 , 6 x 3.5
Instant one-piece twist setup and takedown
18.5 x 6.5,21 x 7,21 x 7.2,24 x 8
Patented One-Piece Design, Ultra-Durable and Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Easy 3-Minute Setup and Takedown
6 x 4,10 x 5
12 x 6,6 x 4,8 x 5
Strong 2-ply netting
Tension-Tite poles, Easy Velcro net attachments, steel ground stakes
12 x 6,6 x 4
All weather 4-InchX4-Inch PE net
Reinforced bars, Precision fit locking pins, 6 galvanized ground stakes
4 x 3
Heavy-gauge nylon net
fiberglass tension poles, easy fold tabs

Topmost Soccer Goals

A wide variety of soccer goals are available on the market. You just need to think about your needs and select your option wisely. Here are details of some of the topmost soccer goals to ease your selection.

Top brands present in this segment:

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net - Quick Set Up Soccer Goal (Kickster)-h1. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net – This soccer goal is meant for quick set up and is the best option for the young and active players. The goal is very portable and can be set up and break down in a very less time. The design of the goal is made for high intensity training and is portable. This ultra durable design makes it the ideal equipment for new and higher intensity players. It comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation. The steel ground stakes, tension tight poles, the easy Velcro net attachment, and the lightweight of the goal makes it very popular in the market. The goal is available online and can be shipped at your address. This goal is highly recommended for its sturdiness and rigidity.

6 ft. PUGG Soccer Goals-h2. PUGG Soccer Goals – The PUGG Soccer goal features the pop up design and is very convenient as it can be taken anywhere. The goal is the perfect equipment for the small sided practice sessions. The small design can make easy transportation for the goal and is very easy to assemble. The goal is a must have for all coaching tools and is available in pairs or single. The convenient pop up design of the goal is very handy and comes with a carry bag. The goal can approximately weight about 10 pounds and provides the replacement stakes. This goal is an excellent product which is available online and provides excellent services.

GOLME PRO Pop Up (Two Goals & Bag)-h3. GOLME PRO Pop Up – This goal comes with 2 goals and a bag. This pair of ultra light goals is the best for training and small games. They are extremely portable and can be carried anywhere you wish. The easy storage makes it a popular equipment. The PRO pop up comes with a signature color scheme that is the orange and the carbon black color. The goals consist of the silver perimeter that makes the day and night visibility possible. After the game is finished the goal can be twitched and stored in a carry bag. The goal comes in three different sizes that are safe for kids and adults. The goal is a great sports equipment which is very durable and high in quality. The company has used the highest quality material in manufacturing the best goal and is a favorite among the kids.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal-h4. Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal – This goal is made for the backyards and can be used for tournament level play. This full size goal is made up of the best material and it can take all wear. The goal is easy to set up and take down. The goal can assemble to the 12 x 6 feet wide and 6 feet high with 5 feet deep. The goal has some reinforced bars for the extra safety of the goal and the players. The all weather galvanized ground stakes makes it the best possession for all. This goal is very well manufactured keeping in mind all the specifications of the game. This goal is perfect for the backyard players and it justifies the price the user pays. The goal is very solid, durable and sturdy so that it can take any intense play from the players. This goal is certainly a great deal of money and is available online. The product can be shipped in no time at your doorstep.

GOLME Portable Soccer Goal-h5. GOLME Portable Soccer Goal – This goal is very light in weight and is very durable. The sturdy design which is patented has received the Goal of the year award and the Best Portable goal award in the year 2012. The aluminum frame of the goal makes it very easy to set up and set down. The best part of the goal is that it comes with a 10 year warranty and a 30 day trial of the product. The goal comes with a one piece design which has no loose parts that can be misplaced or tangled with each other. This goal is the most popular professional training goal that has been appreciated by millions of people worldwide and has been used by thousands of coaches and players. There are no parts that one has to deal with as it has its patented design. The goal comes in 4 different sizes that covers almost all ages and can sustain the most punishing sessions. The set up time of the goal is just 3 minutes. The goals are exceptional and provide full justice to the price and quality. It comes in a duffle bag and can be carried anywhere.

SKLZ Goal-EEh6. SKLZ Goal EE – 4’x3’ Portable Soccer Goal – The goal has a unique structure and is manufactured for the easy set up and set down. The frame of the goal is very durable and supports any level of training. The lightweight frame and the construction of the goal make it very robust and allow training anywhere and everywhere. The goal can weigh approximately 2 lbs and consist of heavy gauge nylon net. The model has a durable fiberglass with tension poles. This foldable goal can be opened and closed in a few seconds. This portable goal is the perfect equipment for the coaching of small age groups. The large and sturdy goal can be easily fitted with a carry bag. This goal is perfect for all children starting soccer training or at an intermediate level.

FORZA Soccer Goal 12x6 - The ultimate home soccer goal! Leave up in all weathers & takes 1000s of -h7. FORZA Soccer Goal 12 x 6 – These are the only goals that can be used permanently and can be used by adults. The strongest goals in the market now have a new and improved design. The goal is portable and comes with an easy assembly. The goal can take any wear and tear and can survive in all seasons. They are stronger than any other goals and have a 1 year warranty. The company boasts of a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they will pay your money back. The goals can stand any test and gives an authentic feel to the game. These goals come in different sizes and are available for all ages. The product is available online and has a limited offer on it. The solid build, good quality and is still portable. This goal is made to last for many years and is made for all types of matches. The enclosed carry bag is an easy option to carry comes with a high quality material.

Mitre Soccer Fast Folding Goal (Steel 6x3-Feet)-h8. Mitre Soccer Fast Folding Goal – Mitre soccer goal can be folded and has a steel welded frame. The self stick attachments of the net and design with the locking pins includes the stakes, making the goal a very popular one. The manufacture of the goal is recognized as the world’s leader in the suppliers of football and its gear. The goal can be folded flat so that it can be easily stored. These goals are very sturdy and can be transported anywhere. They are a best possession for the family soccer games and are very easy to assemble. Different sizes are available for kids and are recommended for the backyard game. This goal is the best equipment for the coaching of youngsters helping them in preparing for their initial matches. This can be a perfect gift for Christmas or for birthdays.

SSGBSN Lil Shooter Goal-h9. SSG / BSN Lil Shooter GoalSSG / BSN Lil Shooter Goal is made of super high quality material and is made of heavy duty piping. The goal is easy to put together and can be set down easily. The goal is a perfect way to practice goals and is light in weight. The ideal equipment for small games and is just perfect for the age group of less than 10. The goal is not as large as the permanent one, but is sufficient in size. The goal exceeds the expectations and is highly recommended for small sturdy goal size.

Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal (10x5)-h10. Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal – This is one of the most premium goals and can be used for all types of league play, tournaments, club matches and pick up games. The easy setup and break down makes it possible to carry anywhere. The folding and unfolding is done by a unique press button folding method. This Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal is the most durable and is a one stop solution for the goal search. The quality and the price of the product is justified and it is worth the money paid. The goal is well made and very large. This goal is available online with a lot of deals.

Before buying the goals, stay updated with the best goals that can provide you with ultimate game satisfaction. As goals play an important part of the game, it is necessary to select them wisely. The safety of the goal and the player is equally important and the safety measures can be used to avoid accidents on the field. All coaches, volunteers and members should be aware and must have the knowledge of the goal assembly and the set up, In order to make the game better. Movable soccer goals can be very risky for adults and children. There has been an act that has been made for US Consumer Product Safety Commission that addresses the risks that are occurring by the improper soccer goal assembly. The commission has made sure that every soccer coach, personnel related to the maintenance, school staff and coaches needs to understand the assembly of the soccer goal. The students should be warned when the goals are not in use. All types of preventive measures should be taken in every place where the soccer goals are set up to avoid any accidents and hazards.

Players should be trained in the safe handling of the equipment and they should know the potential dangers related to the game. Extreme care should be taken when moving goals. Safety labels should be visible so that they are not handled by anyone. Remove the nets when the goals are not in use. Many small and important instructions play a very important role when handling the equipment and to avoid any hindrances in the game.